My Number One Secret to Eating Healthy

My Number One Secret to Eating Healthy

My Number One Secret to Eating Healthy

This is a three part series, if you’re just joining us, start with the first post on sleep. Finding a balance that works for you between 1. Sleep, 2. Eating Right, 3. Exercise. When two of these are out of balance, I feel pretty crummy. But if I can at least get two of these in my day, I feel pretty good. If I can do all three, I feel even better. 

Today we’ll talk about eating healthy:

2. Eating Healthy – Yesterday I had a big fat slice of Costco cheese pizza for dinner. Now that confession is off my chest, I feel better. Please know that I’m so far from being a great example of this, but to me what matters most is that I’m trying. And to me, that’s what will make a difference. So, before you start rolling your eyes at my next statement, please know that this is a daily struggle for me. Healthy eating means a lot of different things for different people, so far you, these tips may or may not work, but I want to hear your feedback and what is working for you.

The number one thing I’ve found to eating healthy is…wait for it…vegetables. I know, it’s an obvious one, but you know what? We simply do not eat very many vegetables at our house. I thought we were doing pretty good, but we eat so many carbs I was shocked. Vegetables are awesome. They fill you up and really make you feel good.

Back last March (read: Kathy had a 3 month old baby) and I had some post-pardum issues that really put me in a tail-spin. I had a prolapsed bladder (found out on my 35th birthday, happy birthday, you’re now an 80 year old woman). Also, what ever you do, DO NOT google prolapsed bladder. Please. Thankfully, mine was pretty mild but made it impossible to even walk without peeing my pants. I’d have to shower twice a day and I was REALLY conscious about it. NO ONE I knew had dealt with this. It was humiliating and the more I couldn’t exercise, the more depressed I got. Shortly after, I ran into my friend Krista Perry at the OIWC meeting and shared with her my struggle. Honestly, I feel like it was inspired because her friend Kara had EVERYTHING prolapse Kara has ended up being such a great support and strength for me.

Why share this really long winded story about my bladder? Because I couldn’t work out. I felt helpless.

After being on bedrest for 10 weeks and having a baby, I mentally needed to get my exercise, but couldn’t. I was depressed and wanted to make a positive change. (Again, things were out of my control like with the sleep issues in the prior post).

But I realized I can control my eating habits.

A friend of mine was going to a nutritionist and I wanted to go. It was expensive. I  saved up my money and my parents gave my birthday money so I could go.

I wish I could say that the nutritionalist made all the difference, but it didn’t. I did feel more in control of life, but I was still juggling being a mom of three and our lives were absolutely crazy and chaotic.

But I did have a few take aways to eating healthy:

1. Eat 5 small meals a day

2. Get your protein

3. Eat your carbs in the morning

4. Plan your meals

5. Veggies are your friend not foe

6. Almonds make a great snack on the go

Another thing I learned is the difference between a nutritionist and dietician. Pretty much anyone can be a nutritionist, but a dietician is trained and certified. That’s who you should meet with if you want to get a meal plan and healthy eating coach.

If you live in Utah, Intermountain Healthcare has a great “Weigh To Health” program that is a 6 month course where you came up with a plan. In some cases your insurance will even cover the cost. If you don’t live in utah, check with your insurance company and see if they have something similar.

So, I didn’t “loose all my baby weight” or even get close to my “pre-pregnancy body”. It’s been over a year since I had the baby and you know what? I’m still not “there”. But that’s ok. Because I do feel good. I’m more in charge of my eating habits and feel good about the food I make for me and my family.

When it comes to healthy eating there are a lots of great support tools. Programs like Weight Watchers and support groups on FB are a great. Groups like FitFluential, the online site and app Spark People are also great tools.

Good luck on eating healthy.

The third thing we’ll talk about next time, really just goes hand-in-hand with eating healthy.

What do you do to eat healthy? What is your favorite veggie or veggie dish?



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