A Nature-Inspired Valentine’s Day

Nature-inspired Valentine’s Day Craft

I have a lot of reasons for incorporating the outdoors into holidays.

My number 1 reason is if I am giving something outdoor-related it usually has nothing to do with candy (unless it is chocolate, it comes from trees).

In general I think we focus a little too much candy during the holidays.

Reason number 2 is it gives us more opportunities to get outdoors.

A majority of the crafts I do with my kids, which aren’t many, incorporate natural materials and we have to get outdoors to collect them.

Reason number 3 is it allows me to encourage others to get outdoors.


With Valentine’s Day coming up I thought it would be useful to do a round-up of nature-inspired valentines, crafts and activities. Hope you enjoy!

Nature-inspired Valentine’s Day Craft


  1. Rockin’ Homemade Valentines for Kids by Rain or Shine Mamma – These are so easy and can be adapted in so many ways. Linda suggest using rocks your kids gather as opposed to ones from the store. Another idea is you could have your kids paint the rocks. I think is would be so fun to paint little faces, scenes, whatever onto the rocks. It makes the valentines just a little more personal.
  2. Forget-Me-Not Valentines from Mommy Loves Trees – What better time to give seeds than in the spring.  These are especially fun because they can be adapted for any age.
  3. Fruit Themed Tags – I would love for my kids to get a piece of fruit instead of candy.
  4. Valentine’s Day Nature Cards for Kids from The Nature Conservancy – These give information about the animals pictured and offer a Nature Challenge encouraging the kids to get out and explore nature.

Crafts –


  1. Painted Stick Hanging Heart from daily heART
  2. Bird Seed Ornament from No Time for Flashcards – I think these would make cute gifts as well. Just put them in a decorative bag and add a tag.
  3. Valentine Gnome from GardenMama
  4. Dogwood Hearts from Red Ted Art
  5. 3D Heart from Danya Banya

Get Outdoors

  1. Valentines Nature Hike from Fireflies and Mud Pies –
  2. Creating Hearts with Nature from Mud Puddles to Meteors

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