Oregon Scientific Weather@Home Station

My son loves checking the weather. He asks my husband every morning to check our and grandparent’s weather. He learned about the different types of weather at school last year. Since then, he has been obsessed. When I was given the opportunity to review the Oregon Scientific Weather@Home station, I thought it was appropriate.

Great for Junior Weatherforecasters

OS-Screen The OS Weather@Home station comes with one sensor to place outdoors and a small monitor that displays the information from the sensor. These two sensors allow you to see the current weather outside, temperature inside your home and a 12 hour+ forecast.


  • Easy set-up. It comes with batteries, all you have to do is remove the battery covers, place the sensor outside and it will work.
  • We just set it on top of our storage closet door trim, didn’t even have to use a screw to attach it to the wall.
  • Easy to interpret display. There is a lot of information but the most important, outside temp and 12 hour+ forecast, are prominent. Plus there is a light if needed.
  • Accurate. We have been comparing the at-home station with online sources, especially the 12 hour+, and with experience. It has been pretty accurate so far.
  • Reasonable cost. The station I was provided to review is priced around $70 and there are less expensive options.


  • Mobile Devise App doesn’t consistently work. It crashes a lot or does’t connect. I had a hard time getting my phone to pair with the at-home station. Then when I got it to work, it kept disconnecting. I don’t even bother with it anymore. Most of the online reviews say the same thing.

The Bottom Line About the Oregon Scientific Weather @Home Station

Bottom Line: The OS Weather@Home is an extremely convenient and reasonably priced. I have already been recommending it to friends who have seen it at our home.

Disclosure: I was given a Oregon Scientific Weather@Home station free of charge to facilitate this review but all opinions are my own.

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