First time skiers, this deal is for you!

Utah ski deals

Looking for a great Utah ski deal?

If there is snow in the forecast, you know crazy locals obsessed with skiing the greatest snow on earth are totally psyched!  But what about locals who are NOT obsessed with skiing?

Today, there is a reason from them to be psyched too.  Bundle up your kids and bring them up to the slopes!  The ski season is about to begin! Where should I teach my kid to ski in Utah?

All the weather forecasts predict this winter to be steep and deep. One thing is clear.  Expect a lot of snow this winter.  If there is going to be a lot of snow, you may as well get out and enjoy it!

It’s never too late to learn or too early for kids.  I started skiing and the ripe old age of 30 and I’ve never looked back.

SkiUtah.com hosts Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month each January offering screaming deals not only on rentals, but cheap and useful lessons to go with them at most Utah resorts.  Good places to teach kids to ski

The deals have been posted and are available here. Most Utah resorts are offering $45 amazing deals that include everything you and or your kids need to start skiing. Great learn to ski resorts

Don’t wait to plan your ski day this January.  The mountain is calling you!


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