Three Campfire Gifts for Foodies

Three Campfire Gifts for Foodies

Yes, our holiday gift guide is already out, but here are three more awesome gifts for outdoor foodies.  At the risk of offending, I just have to say I AM SO OVER S’MORES! I have been making them for so many years.  At this point they are really just about nostalgia rather than good eats. So if you or anyone on your guest list feels the same way you’re going to love the items I’ve got for you below.



These biscuit roasting sticks were created by two Utah Boy Scouts who are still manufacturing them all by hand. If you’ve never roasted a biscuit before you’ve definitely been missing out.  They come off the fire as a nice warm bread cup ready to fill with all the gooey deliciousness you can imagine.

My personal favorite is the campfire éclair (fill partially cooled biscuit with vanilla pudding and frost one side with chocolate frosting), but my kids prefer a fully stocked toppings bar (with pie filling, chocolate chips, berries, whipped cream) so they can each build their own individual dessert monstrosity.

Of course when you buy Wolf’ems, you are supporting both small businesses and a product that is made in the USA. They are also having a Black Friday sale online.  They can also be found at Recreation Outlet and IFA in Salt Lake City. 


Pie Irons (Also known as pudgie irons, hobo irons, or jaffle irons- ok fine, the last one is only if you’re Australian.)

pudgie pie
Seriously these are so awesome for making dessert.  I mean who doesn’t love a hot piece of pie? Back in the day I wooed my husband with fantastic Nutella banana pudgie pies and peach pudgie pies, sometimes made with tortillas and sometimes made with pie crust (depending on how patient I was feeling about the cooking time).

Pie irons aren’t just for desserts though: a crispy campfire calzone really hits the spot on a cold night as does a homemade egg and cheese hot pocket in the morning.  Aluminum irons will cook faster, but the cast iron version will last forever and become nonstick over time if you season it just like a Dutch oven.

Rome and Camp Chef irons can be found at your favorite outdoor retailer (including Recreation Outlet for SLC locals) and online.


Pudgie Revolution Cookbook

cover pudgie
Sure, Rome already has a basic pie iron cookbook, but this book is for serious camping foodies who are bored with traditional fare.

Pudgie Revolution includes recipes for quiche, samosas, baklava, chocolate banana muffins, and even a campfire crab rangoon made with won ton wrappers- all cooked over the campfire in a pie iron.  After seeing the cranberry brie pastry and raspberry filled brownie recipes I really see no reason to ever roast a marshmallow again.

This book is also made in the USA and supports small businesses.


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