Convicted by Teething?

Teething baby

Teething is hard.

It’s hard on the baby. It’s hard on parents.

Right now, our baby is 9 months old and is getting four teeth all at once. It was so bad earlier last week, I took him to see the pediatrician. He’d had a fever and was so sad. Today, my friend Sue from Mello & Co shares her teething solution.


Convicted by Teething?

Having a teething toddler can make anyone feel apprehensive about leaving the privacy of your own home. There are no eyes to watch from afar. No social stigmas to live up to when your toddler commands leadership in their role. Our own walls offer privacy and safety when the screaming and tantrum like behavior commence. Although this conviction by a teething toddler can sometimes offer the security we need to just “be”, the “imprisonment” can also be lonely and wearing.

That’s where Mello & Co comes into play. There is a solution. Appeasement can be found. Founder of Mello & Co, and mom to a feisty little girl, Sue Kellogg could not bear to miss another fall season or winter wonderland because of her teething daughter. Sue knew there were others who shared this teething conviction. That’s when Sue made the choice to design something better.



Her six-month-old daughter could not be satisfied with traditional teething toys, especially when dealing with those back molars. She was either disinterested in most teethers or worse, they were consistently gagging her, and making this mom feel very uncomfortable

After consulting with a group of dentists, an orthodontist, and a pediatrician, Kellogg was armed with information to help determine how a product could be universally developed for an average child’s mouth. The size and weight of Nawgum, along with preferred textures, were born from Mello & Co.’s product research and a successful six-month field study with children up to age two.

The Nawgum Teether by Mello & Co is for baby’s ages 0 to 24 months. Unlike other products, this universal teether is designed to manage all areas of the mouth, and during all three stages of baby’s oral development: gumming, front and side teeth and back molars. Nawgum eliminates the need to purchase multiple products over a prolonged period of time as baby cuts his or her new teeth. Nawgum is the first and last step to soothing baby’s sore gums throughout the entire teething process.

AND because us moms know what we want, Sue made sure Nawgum is non-porous, and made with 100% food grade seamless silicone. The teether is also nontoxic, BPA-free, and Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) compliant, which is a prerequisite for many vigilant, parents today. Additionally, Nawgum is dishwasher safe, allowing for quick and easy sanitization AND USA MADE.

Don’t miss another season or social event. Break free from the teething conviction. The Nawgum Teether is here to save the day!

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