Teaching children gratitude

Tips for teaching children gratitude

Tips For Teaching Children Gratitude

Wouldn’t it be a lovely world where every child was grateful for what’s been given to them? Unfortunately, life is not all about puppy dogs and rainbows. It’s important to teach children about g

ratitude before it’s too late and here are some tips to keep in mind:

Say Please and Thank You

Children should not only learn how to stay please and thank you, they should learn the meaning behind these three short words. Help your child understand the meaning behind these words by modeling how they are used and what they mean.

Do Service Projects

Kids are smart enough to understand how others are feeling. Have your children help with service projects throughout the year. One example could be Angel Tree. The whole family pitches in to purchase items for a family in need around the holidays. This is a great way to show kids that not everyone is blessed to have all of the materialistic things in life.

Talk About the World

It’s important that your child(ren) understand that not everyone is privileged to have a home, cars, and food on the table every night. Children do not need to be scared into understanding they should be grateful for what they have, but a small conversation does help them understand their blessings.

Patience is a Virtue

Just like you don’t learn to drive overnight, you can’t teach a child about gratitude overnight. Honestly, it’s a learned skill. Children see others exemplify gratitude and it pours over into their hearts. As adults, when we meet a grateful person they are easy to spot. We’re thankful that there are people in the world who are grateful for the small things in life. This is great motivation to teach our children the beauty of gratitude. Parents should also understand that patience is a virtue and it may take a while for your child to understand how to be grateful.

Let Them Earn Items

A person is more grateful when they can earn items they want, instead of having it handed to them. The next time your child wants you to buy an expensive toy, it’s time to teach them how to do a few chores around the house, so they can earn that special toy. Kids appreciate things more when they are not simply handed to them. Do you agree?

Tips for teaching gratitude

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