Are you using your hand sanitizer correctly?

Are you using your hand sanitizer correctly?

Big Bottle of hand sanitizer

Are you using your hand sanitizer correctly?

Now that it’s starting to get colder outside, we will be spending more time inside. This means more time spreading and sharing germs. I think since having kids, I’ve become a huge germaphobe. It’s not that I’m scared of germs, it’s just that having five people in our family and having each person sick for a week is just too much time spent indoors when we should be ENJOYING our WINTER!

Our local Utah hospital group, Intermountain Healthcare, has even come out with a GERM WATCH where you can check the germs in your area (which I think is pretty brilliant and you can see what respiratory germs are high in your area).

Germ Watch

I think this helps us as parents to know what sickness is going around and teach our children how to prevent the spread of germs to stay healthy.

You might use hand sanitizer on a daily basis, but there’s several reasons why you should be using this beloved liquid frequently. Keep in mind that hand sanitizer is great and all, but washing your hands when you can is also a very smart move.

Hand sanitizer is perfect for when soap and water isn’t available.

Like I mentioned before, hand sanitizer is awesome, but you shouldn’t use it all of the time. One major time you should use it is when soap and water is not available. You don’t want to keep spreading germs and hand sanitizer helps prevent that from happening.

Infections get spread by your hands.

Think of how often you use your hands to touch, feel, and complete projects. Those hands have lots of germs on them and hand sanitizer can help kill those germs. Keep in mind that alcohol based hand sanitizers are best because the alcohol is what kills the germs in the first place.

Hand sanitizer helps protect against viruses and bacteria.

It’s a great feeling to know that something as simple as hand sanitizer can help keep you safe from viruses and bacteria. Using hand sanitizer several times throughout the day helps prevent you from spreading these germs to others as well. I like to think of hand sanitizer as a gift to those around us, we stop spreading germs to others when we use hand sanitizer.

There are safety precautions to take when using hand sanitizer.

Keep hand sanitizer out of the reach of children. I always make sure I’m around when the little ones are trying to use hand sanitizer. This helps ensure no one gets it in their eyes or any other place on their body in which it doesn’t belong. Children or adults should never swallow hand sanitizer, get it into their eyes, or bring it around heat or a flame.
Without hand sanitizer our families wouldn’t be able to take as many adventures! Do you agree?

Hand Sanitizer benefits


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