3 Safe Trick or Treating Tips

3 Safe Trick or Treating Tips

Safe Trick or Treating Tips

3 Safe Trick or Treating Tips

It’s that time of year again! We need to find a way to keep our children safe while we take our kids trick or treating. There are several ways we can keep our kids safe during the hours or trick or treating. Let’s dig in because this is an important part of having fun.

Things to Remember and Teach Your Kids

#1. No Homemade Goodies
It may be tempting to take accept homemade goodies while trick or treating, but it’s a smart move to stock to wrapped candies. Although some wrapped candies can also be troubling, homemade goodies can really have hidden trouble. I will just say to be wise about what you accept and let your children consume. Not everyone has the children’s best interest in mind.

#2. Bring a Flashlight!
It’s fun to trick or treat at night, but it’s so hard to see. That’s why we always bring a flashlight with us whenever we go trick or treating. I let the kids bring their own mini flashlight and they have a ball with it. I also carry a much bigger flashlight with me. To keep things a little safer I also have my kids dress in bright colors. I have to say I’m pretty surprised as to how dark it can get during Halloween trick or treat hours.

#3. Adults are Important
Trick or treating with an adult is extremely important. Try not to send your kids out trick or treating alone, having an adult with your kids is always a smart idea! I always go up to the door with my kid as well, you really don’t know what’s lurking on the other side.
I know all of these safety tips can be overwhelming, but it’s important to make sure these precautions, so everyone has a safe and fun Halloween!




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Safe Halloween

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There are 15 Comments

  1. Posted by Audra watts

    Take a flashlight so you can be seen in the dark

  2. Posted by golden storm

    I go with the grandkids,,they go nowhere until everyone is holding hands

  3. Posted by Dorrie Turner

    We go as a group of parents and kids. Each kid has a refective pumpkin or something on them so cars can see. We have our cellphones, flashlights and can gauge how long they have been out and where each of them are at all times.

  4. Posted by Nichol Tone

    We do trunk or treats

  5. Posted by Holly

    We only trick or treat at our church and my mom’s neighbors so we know it is safe. I also do not let them eat anything that is opened. Always wear glow stick necklaces!

  6. Posted by natalie yeoman

    make sure i never leave the kids out of my sight

  7. Posted by Eva Biggs

    We always bring a flashlight, i carry a bright orange (pumpkin ) bag so we can be seen as well. And usually have the boys wear glowing bracelets. We go to the local church and then to our neighborhood.

  8. Posted by Melinda Stephens

    We wear glowsticks when it is dark or go trick or treating when it is still light out.

  9. Posted by julie lee

    We go trick or treating as a family and check all the candy that comes in!

  10. Posted by Kristie

    To stay safe I walk in well lit neighborhoods in a group. And have a flashlight too! kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  11. Posted by April Farley

    I have always put glowsticks on our children and now on our Grandchildren. I learned this year that you can cut open the top of a glow stick add it to clear nail polish and pain the nails with it . Your little ones nails will glow in the dark. We also choose light colored costumes to help stand out.

  12. Posted by Ivette Chestaro

    I never let the kids go alone!

  13. Posted by Angella Richards

    I trick or treat with my kids however their getting older and may not want me tagging along ;( so ill have to figure out something besides a cell phone… Love this idea!

  14. Posted by Michelle Harasewicz

    We go with them and only go to neighborhoods we are familiar with.

  15. Posted by Stacey T

    Reflective tape, flashlights,and check the candy before they start eating

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