Family Travel: Family Friendly Hotel Tips

Family Travel: Family Friendly Hotel Tips


Is it time to book another family vacation already? Booking a hotel is one of the most crucial parts of a family vacation. Check out some of these tips to make booking a hotel for the family vacation a breeze. Here are our Family Friendly Hotel Tips: 1. Realize That Cheap Doesn’t Equal Quality I’ve learned that just because I’m booking a cheap hotel online it doesn’t mean it’ll be a great experience. I’ve learned the hard lesson that cheap isn’t always the best fit and unfortunately, you might end up being uncomfortable the whole time. 2. Making Your Own Food I’ve learned that some of the best hotels that we’ve paid extra money for, we’ve been able to save in other ways. For example: if I book a condo or a cabin that has a kitchen, I don’t have to worry about where we’re going to eat out. If you’ve ever traveled then you know that eating out is one of the biggest budget busters.   3. Make Sure There’s a Fridge & Microwave If you have little ones and need to run to the store every night, then you’re not going to save money in the long run. I like making sure there’s at least a fridge and a microwave in the hotel we’re staying at, in case I can’t book a hotel with a kitchen.   4. Ask About Extra Beds It makes no sense to purchase two hotels rooms for a small family of five. I always ask for extra beds. Most often you can “purchase” roll away bed for $10, which is a really cheap alternative to purchasing an extra hotel room. Bring a pack n’ play with you, so you can have an extra place for one of the little ones to sleep. I promise that pack n’ plays are one of the most useful tools you can ever buy when traveling with little ones. Booking a hotel room for your family doesn’t need to be something you dread. Utilize these tips for the next time you need to book a hotel room for a family vacation.
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