Weekend Report: Best Places for Leaf Peeping

Find out the best places to see fall leaves in Utah


Leaf peepers, you drive me crazy!  Seriously though, I used to live up Big Cottonwood Canyon, and from mid September into early October every time I’d drive home from work or leave my house to go to the grocery store it was like I belonged to a circus caravan of photographers that never pulled over for me to pass.  However, now that I live in the city again, I’m finally ready to betray my old neighbors and publicly admit that I, Ann Gates Weaver, am a leaf peeper, and that Big Cottonwood is indeed spectacular.

Capturing the leaves changing color in Utah

Best spots to see Fall Leaves

Both Millcreek Canyon and Big Cottonwood Canyon are in their prime right now.  Some other places I try to hit this time of year to saturate my eyeballs with color are Midway, and Big Mountain Pass (via Emigration canyon), but last weekend both disappointed.  They were still mostly green, and the earlier storms had stripped a good quarter of their leaves.  However, there’s a good chance that by this weekend they’ll be fabulous as most of their leaves were still there.

As for Alta, it’s an amazing Wasatch Canyon it just doesn’t have a lot of foliage, so I’m always angry when I go up there to check out fall leaves (stupid awesome glacial cliffs).

Check the forecast

Rain is potentially on the forecast for Sunday, so hurry and go peep some leaves!

Go now.

(No seriously, why are you still reading this.)

See the leaves up the canyon
Photo credit Maganda Studios

Where are the best places to see fall leaves in your area?

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