Gear Review: ZEMgear Barefoot Shoes

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Zemgear Barefoot Shoes

Barefoot Running Gear

Barefoot Shoes

I love my Zemgear’s…just not for running.I’ll explain. Barefoot running is not for me.I found out quickly when I injured my calf muscle severely before a 200-mile relay race while training in my Zemgear’s Barefoot Shoes.

I learned from my physical therapist that if you’ve never had a running injury you should stick with the shoes that have worked for you over the years.

She also said it’s helpful to go to a running specialty store to determine the best shoe for your foot.

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The first time I put these shoes on my feet it was a hot 100 degree summer day at the park with my kids and they kept my feet cool. Here are additional reasons I wear them:

  • Don’t have to wear socks
  • Love the way these shoes look and feel
  • Help create better posture and balance
  • Awesome for hiking
  • Generous amount of space allowing toes to separate as if one were in her “birthday feet”
  • Designed and owned by female entrepreneur Barefoot Running Shoes

I would recommend these shoes for everything except running. Anyone can benefit from feeling the ground beneath your feet hiking, walking, working and running errands.

These shoes are designed and owned by female entrepreneur Christina Bracken in Miami. I also love that they have a women’s, men, and kids line. ZEMgear Barefoot Shoes is a woman-owned small business that was started in 2010 to create innovative footwear designed to help active individuals find their “Zone of Endless Motion” (a space where anything is possible).

Unless you have chronic running injuries and are looking for a way to slowly get back running these simply aren’t great for runners who have never experienced an injury from their current shoes.

Barefoot Running Shoes


Have you tried Barefoot Shoes?

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