Team Shout at The Color Run

Team Shout at the Color Run-Nations best bloggers

Over the last year (since being pregnant, being on bed rest, having a baby and having complications from baby) I haven’t been able to be as active as I’d like to be. I’ll be honest, it’s been really hard.

So when Team Shout® gave me the opportunity to attend The Color Run, a race with no pressures of actually running, I was pumped to give it a go! We all got the chance to run (aka slog, slow + jog = slog) and experience this colorful, happy race as part of Team Shout®. This was the first time in a year, that I was able to get out and enjoy being active. My hope is that my children will look up to me as an example that regardless of the hard times, you can still be active and have fun.

Team Shout at the Color Run-Top travel blogger

Shout® is all about encouraging families to get outdoors,  get a little messy and shake things up.

When I was little, I always worried about getting stains on my clothes because I was afraid I’d get in trouble (I wrote a post about it here last year). Today, I try and encourage my children to go outside and try new sports and activities, even if it means they might come back a little messy. Believe it or not, even I, am now okay with letting go of my worries and just having fun. Yes, I have come a long way from avoiding puddles and making sure to color inside the lines. Need proof? Well for one, running The Color Run really enabled me to have some end of summer fun and get out of my comfort zone.

Thanks to Channel 4 news, I got to share a little bit about our partnership the day before the race. And—got  pelted by orange chalk!




The Color Run was a blast. The night before we had CRAZY THUNDER AND LIGHTENING and stopped by Wal-mart for rain jackets that we wouldn’t mind if they got trashed.


The plan was for my oldest son,who is six-years-old, to run The Color Run with me. But when I woke up at 4 AM(due to crazy lightning and thunderstorms)and saw there was snow in the mountains, I woke him up and let him decide.


The day BY SOME MIRACLE ended up being beautiful and sunny. We didn’t get rained on at all.


Our Go Adventure Mom team included my sister, Mary, Carly, Natalie, Kate, Abbie,Jenn, Mary, Emi, Chad and my two cute nieces.There were also two other Shout®Team led by Troy and Jenn, which made for one large fun group.

As part of theShout®Team, we were giving the VIP treatment which included getting access to the front of the START LINE!!!



The whole day was a party from start to finish.From the start of the race whereThe Color Run mascot, a unicorn,was blowing bubbles and dancing with the crowd, to the colorful stations that made us look like rainbows,and a DJ pumping up the crowd.I had a blast!


After the race,we joined the party up onstage and announced theShout®Orange Color Throw, which required us to throw orange colored chalk into the crowd!

That’s me trying to use my ponytail like a helicopter, because, you know that’s what you do when you’re on stage, right?

We also got to experience the Shout®360Color Cam,which is a device that has about 20 cameras to take a 360 shot of you,was one of my favorite parts of the day.

These might be some of my most awkward photos..

We were laughing so hard, because we couldn’t figure out how to all jump at the same time. This is much harder than you may imagine because you need to synchronies it all. (Obviously, I’m extremely uncoordinated, but the end result was so cool!)

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