Cruising Alaska


Cruising Alaska

Being happily married for 10 years mean you get to take a dream vacation, right?  Cruising Alaska-Switch Sunglasses

My husband and I decided to cap off our first decade together by taking a cruise to Alaska aboard Royal Caribbean’s Rhapsody of the Seas for a late August 2014 sailing.

Neither of us had cruised before and neither of us had been to Alaska.  Both of us LOVE nature, being outdoors and seeing Mother Natures greatest accomplishments up close.  alaska 0140-Cruising Alaska-Switch Sunglasses

Packing for this trip was an event on on it’s own.  There’s a lot of bulky things you’ll want to bring with you in Alaska.

Don’t forget your sunglasses!

One of the main things I wanted to get right was sunglasses.  I’m a lover of cheap sunglasses.  I tend to be hard on my shades.  I usually end up losing or breaking them.

However, I met the nice people at Switch Vision while at Outdoor Retailers this year.  They provided me with a pair of Crystal Purple Arya set of shades.  I thought the Alaskan Cruise would be the perfect testing ground.  The only question was could I keep track and take care of such a nice pair of sunglasses?

Switch Sunglasses have a versatile magnetic frame that allow you to switch the lenses in and out based on what activity you’re engaged in.  I love the rose amber lenses for cycling and found that the grey reflective silver is perfect for Alaska.  They improved the clarity of my vision by blocking out a HUGE amount of glare. The magnetic connection is strong VERY secure.

I wore the glasses when we sailed away from our departure port in Seattle.  Switch Lenses Alaska Cruise-Cruising Alaska Loved the way they looked and felt as we cruised off into the sunset.

As you might imagine, there was a whole lot of nature viewing and a whole lot of sun and glare involved in an Alaska Cruise.  Alaska Cruise what to expect-Cruising Alaska I was so glad to have these versatile lenses with me.

Keeping track of them, which is normal a chore for me was so easy.  When I wasn’t using them, it was easy and comfortable to pop them on top of my head.  alaska 270-Cruising Alaska When not using them at all, I simply placed them in the zip up case they came with and stored them in my purse.

I spent a significant amount of time starting at Salmon swimming upstream and found the water clarity improved about 80 percent while wearing the glasses.

We stared at glaciers like this one.  Mendenhall Glacier Alaska-Cruising Alaska The Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, AK.  Daw Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska We also saw the Daw Glacier in the Endecott Arm near Ketchikan, AK.  You can see the morning sunbeams were out in full force, but wasn’t a problem in Switch lenses.  Alaska Glacier Cruise

As we wrapped up our seven night Alaska Cruise, we counted our selves as lucky people to have seen so many amazing wonders.  I also counted myself lucky to see it all though such beautiful lenses.  Daw Glacier Endicott Arm Alaska-Cruising Alaska

Switch Lenses are available at most eye care centers and loads of retailers like REI selling fine recreation equipment. See their full product line at SwitchVision.com

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