How to Start Your Own Campfire

How to Start Your Own Campfire

These are by far the best method we have found for starting fires to date. We have tried store bought fire sticks, newspaper, lint wrapped in used dryer sheets and good-old kindling to start a campfire. DIY-Fire-Starters


  • small sticks
  • candle wick – I bought this from the craft store, but cotton rope would work fine too
  • wax – you can buy it from the store or use candle nubs
  • cardboard egg carton
  • tin foil

Making Your Own Fire Starter


  1. Break or cut sticks into .5 inch pieces and smaller.
  2. Cut candle wick into 2-3 inch lengths.
  3. Tear off a piece of tin foil that is long enough to fit under the carton when placed on the counter and place foil under carton on counter. Wax can leak through the cardboard, the tin foil will protect your counter.
  4. Place candle wick in egg cartons ensuring the end touches the bottom of the carton.
  5. Fill fill egg carton half full with stick pieces making sure the candle wick continues to touch the bottom of the carton.  DIY-Fire-Starters-Instructions
  6. Melt wax using a glass jar placed in pot of gently boiling water.
  7. Using a mitt, pour enough melted wax to cover the sticks. Make sure candle wick stays in place as much as possible.
  8. Tear the cardboard from the egg carton lid into small pieces and place over the wax and sticks in the egg carton. Add what ever sticks needed to fill each compartment.
  9. Pour enough melted wax over the cardboard pieces completely cover them.
  10. Allow to cool. Break into individual pieces and light that fire.

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