Kids Adventure Games at Snowbird

What is An Adventure?



An adventure is starting off on a trip where the outcome is unknown. And we recently went off on an unknown adventure to Snowbird.


There was a lot of excitement for the start of the adventure race as kids were sent off in team pairs and off to the first obstacle.

Hiking, route finding, biking, rappelling, a zip line, a net course, climbing and even a blow dart course were a part of the adventure.



. Kids Games at Snowbird

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Kids Adventure Games at Snowbird – Go Adventure Momwww.goadventuremom.com/2014/06/kids-adventure-games-at-snowbird/

What is An Adventure? An adventure is starting off on a trip where the outcome is unknown. There was a lot of excitement for the start of the adventur

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My kids especially enjoyed the zip line and the blow darts. The whole production was well organized and staffed. 20140624-093936-34776780.jpg

The kids had a real feeling of accomplishment as they crossed the finish line.

They are already begging to do it again next year.



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