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Over the last year I’ve watched my body grow and expand in preparation for baby 3. This process has always amazed me.

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This was the second pregnancy I was on bed rest. The tricky thing with bed rest is you need to do just that, rest. Your body and muscles pretty much turn to jelly.

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For me, it’s hard to get very basic muscle tone back. Over the last four months since having the baby, I’ve been trying to be more active and get fit.

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But have had some medical problems since having the baby, thus making it difficult to exercise very much. It’s a frustrating time for me, but trying to be patient and let my body heal.

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My Relationship with Food

About 3 weeks ago I started seeing a nutritionist. I’ve learned a lot about my relationship with food and feel like this is one area I can take control of. But basically anyone can be a nutritionist, a dietitian is someone that is certified and has gone through training, bottom line is that at Intermountain Healthcare, the dietitians are working with a team of people to help you reach your goal. My goal hasn’t been so much focused on a number on the scale as it has been around making healthy choices and feeling better about myself.

weigh to health

When Intermountain Healthcare told me about their WEIGH TO HEALTH PROGRAM, I was really excited because it’s a program that most insurances will cover.
You have to met certain qualifications (like your BMI). I am really impressed with what they have to offer. The program is designed for overweight adults who have a desire to lose weight and improve their health.

My Visit to Weigh to Health Headquarters

I’ve never considered myself overweight, but with a BMI over 30%, I totally qualify. This is a great program to kickstart you back to your pre-pregnancy self and gives you a support group to encourage you and feel good about the choices you are making.I went to the Weight to Health headquarters and met with Joy and Teresa about the program. We got to check out the facilities at Tosh and taste test a healthy meal. It was really great to get ideas, and I love the idea of having a support group that you can take classes with. Weight To Health way to health weigh to health IMG_9127 weigh to health weigh to health The program is a 6 month course composed of an orientation course, 2 one-on-one sessions with a registered Dietitian and 9 additional group classes of your choice.Weigh to Health Program brochure

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The Weigh to Health program can help you feel better every day. You’ll learn how to make changes in your life that will help you lose extra weight.

Those same changes will also help you:

•        Have more energy

•        Be more confident

•        Reduce stress

•        Sleep better

•        Be more active

•        Manage chronic health conditions

We’re giving away four (4) entries to the program. Enter below.

Fill out the form below for a chance to be entered into the Weigh to Health® program from Intermountain LiVe Well




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