Coghlan’s LED Tent Pegs


Coghlan’s LED Tent Pegs


The Coghlan’s LED Tent Pegs are by far my favorite piece of new equipment for our family’s camping trips. Here’s why:

  • Heavy duty – Flimsy tent pegs are the worst. The metal portion of these is extremely durable.
  • Price – They are on the expensive side as tent pegs go, but the price is still reasonable and they are worth it.
  • Brightness of light – They put off enough light to show you where to go but don’t blind you every time you look at them.
  • Adjustable – the light can be adjusted up and down.
  • You don’t have to carry, hold or prop up this source of light.
  • You can never have too many sources of light when you are camping!




Coghlan’s LED Tent Pegs Mark Your Campsite


Yes, they do more than just help you not trip over guide wires.

  • Front of tent – We used our to light up the front door area of our tent. It was really convenient to not have to hold flashlights when trying to get kids into the tent.
  • Mark your campsite – Some campsites don’t have lighting and these made it so much easier to find our campsite after bathroom breaks in the dark.
  • Designate the driveway of your campsite if you have to leave after dark.
  • Anywhere a little extra light is needed.

Concerns – The only concern I have about this product is that the plastic doesn’t seem extremely durable. I wouldn’t let me kids play with them for fear of breaking the lights off. Maybe I am underestimating them.

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