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5 out of 5 star shoe

I think I’ve found the perfect all around shoe—Canvas Baby BOGS—perfect for climbing in the mountains, looking dapper at church, and withstanding puddles.

Shoes for Toddlers-Baby Bogs

My Baby BOGS arrived at my door in the most darling package.

I don’t know about you, but classy, cute packaging makes me smile.

Unfortunately, I found they were a bit large for a size 6 shoe.

The sizing doesn’t get me down because it simply means he gets to wear them longer. More bang (literally, these are toddler shoes) for my buck, right?

We put the Baby BOGS through shoe bootcamp—hiking, snow, parks, puddles, biking, running, you name it.

What normally would have trashed my boys shoes the BOGS were still going strong.

After trying to destroy these shoes, we threw them in the wash.

Canvas Baby Bogs are Washable

I couldn’t believe that they came out looking brand-new again. I thought for sure the canvas material would look worn. But they looked great.

I am impressed with these shoes. The shoes perform better than any shoe I’ve ever had for any of my rough and tough sons. He lives in these shoes now and loves wearing them. In my opinion, the shoes are completely worth the price. I will definitely be buying these again in the future as my boys grow into larger sizes.

Here are some other reasons I love the Baby Bogs:

toddler shoes-baby bogs

What I love:


-Easy to get off and on

-Warm (even after an hour in the snow)

-Keep his footsies dry



-Easy to walk in (not bulky or flimsy)

-Earth friendly materials

-Prevents unwanted odors

IMG_5168 IMG_5170 IMG_5172 best hiking shoe for kids

What I didn’t love:

-Price is high $35

-Sizing (runs on the large size)

-Come off easy (he gets out of them too easy—like if he kicks or uses stairs—perhaps because they’re a bit too big)



Best Shoes for Toddler

For more information about bogs, please visit their website:

Bogs Footwear


*Disclaimer: BOGS generously provided us these shoes in order to facilitate this review. However, the opinions expressed here are completely honest, not catered toward the company.


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