30 Outdoor Activities for Families


30 Outdoor Activities for Families

It is officially summer for us and I am excited. I can’t think of a better way to spend the summer than .  I rounded up 30 activities to help inspire your summer adventures, whether big or small.

30 Outdoor Activities

Outdoors in Your Backyard

  1. Birding
  2. Gardening
  3. Set up a movie theater in your backyard and watch  nature-themed movie.
  4. Learn to identify a tree.
  5. Create a butterfly garden.
  6. Help the vanishing bees.
  7. Garden using succulents.
  8. Learn to ID animal tracks in your backyard or while camping.
  9. Make a nature journal and record what bugs & wildlife you encounter.

Beyond Your Doorstep

  1. Visit a zoo.
  2. Visit a living history site.
  3. Hike a volcano.
  4. Tour a cave.
  5. Visit a National Monument.
  6. Get binoculars for your next hike.
  7. Buy a camping cook book and try a new recipe on your next camping trip.
  8. Visit a nature center and learn something new about your area.
  9. Go snorkeling.
  10. Tour an apiary.
  11. Visit a National Park.
  12. Visit a state park.
  13. Read a book at your next picnic.
  14. Visit a botanical garden.
  15. Discover the Forest.
  16. Visit an aquarium.
  17. Explore a pond.
  18. Visit an arboretum.
  19. Learn to fish.
  20. Visit an aviary .
  21. Tour a local farm & learn about farm life.
  22. Visit a natural history museum.

Saving Money on Outdoor Activities

  • Check out books from the library instead of buying them.
  • The next free admission to National Park day is August 25th.
  • Check for free or discounted events at local zoos, museum, state parks, etc.
  • Give you kids simple chores to earn the money needed for activities.

Happy Adventuring!

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