Coghlan’s: First-Time Camping Guide

It has been a long time since I was a first time camper. I know my parents took me camping as young a 2, so I didn’t think I would find much useful information in Coghlans’ First Time Camping Guide. I am happy to say I did find the booklet useful.




Who Would Benefit From This Book

  • Any true first-time camper – This book is geared towards parents and grandparents but there is still a lot of good general information. I don’t know why but I always seem to end up with friends that aren’t outdoorsy and I have had many opportunities to take them camping for the first time. I wish I would have known about this booklet. The trip would have been easier for all of us.
  • Kids – I used this to help my son get excited about our trip in March. I let him color the black and white photos. I also put a picture of him from our camping trip and he took it to school for show-and-tell to talk about our camping trip.
  • Gift for an un-outdoorsy spouse or friend – Sometime a little knowledge can help someone overcome their fears.
  • Youth groups – Taking groups of young people camping is almost like taking a family camping. Trust me, I have done a lot of both.  The book gives suggestions for games and activities. They may be geared towards a younger crowd but they serve as a reminder to bring activities for people of all ages. You can spend a lot of time hiking but sometimes it is nice to have a ball to trough around or such.

I am not going to give away all the goods but I will say the equipment list on the back of the book was the most helpful for me. There was even space on the inside to make notes. I added additional items we regularly take on our trips so I won’t forget them next time. I always forget something when we go camping.

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