Manage Fatigue and Stress

Managing Fatigue and Stress

Manage Fatigue and Stress “Mom! I really don’t like it when you’re grumpy!” yelled my little six year-old twin while trying to get ready for bed. Managing fatigue and stress can be quite difficult.

I had been impatient with them as I got teeth brushed, PJs on, and our book read (Wonder). It had been freezing cold and drearily rained for a week.

We spent our time indoors reading, doing homework, and keeping snugly warm. It was maddening. I needed the evening to rejuvenate and my kids knew it.

Manage Fatigue and Stress

Most women feel moments of mind fatigue and stress from work demands, children’s schedules, social encounters, and the dozens of balls we juggle.

However, constant brain fatigue and stress can affect our behavior, relationships and health. The Mayo Clinic says that recognizing the symptoms can help us manage fatigue and stress.

One simple strategy: Get outside and stroll around the park, or canyon, or trail nearby. REALLY? It’s true. A new study from Scotland says you can ease brain fatigue by going outside and smelling the flowers!

The study showed that people who live near green parks and trees have lower levels of cortisol (stress hormone). It also stated that children’s brains performed at higher levels after walking through the park or an arboretum.

Manage Fatigue and Stress

It even suggested that if one can’t access those sites, that people who viewed photographs of natural scenes were calmer than those who viewed photographs of urban scenes.

I finally found a scientific reason to why my life seems to be more focused and at peace when I am hiking a trail in the beautiful state of Utah.

And if you can’t get outdoors and are stuck inside (like I was) for too long, take a break and look at some wonderful nature photographs and imagine being there. Here are some for your viewing pleasure.



Manage Fatigue and Stress

Manage Fatigue and Stress


Manage Fatigue and Stress

Manage Fatigue and Stress

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