Macys City Creek Secret Garden Event

Fun For Families: City Creek Outing

Looking for a fun family outing this weekend? Macy’s at City Creek has a Fashion Show and floral demonstration on Saturday! We are slowly but surely adjusting to life as a family of five. We decided to head out to the Macys City Creek Secret Garden Event.

Macy's City Creek

It’s been harder in some ways and easier in others.

I forgot how little sleep you really do get and how long the days and nights can be. The older two have been really good for the most part, but they are getting to the point where they need structured activities.

They have both gotten more independent in the last few months and are playing more unstructured, but you can only do that for so many hours a day.

The baby is good but he’s had some reflux and needs to be held upright (which I love because I get to snuggle him).

Going Stir Crazy So We Headed Outdoors

Yesterday we were anxious to get out of the house and all were feeling a little stir crazy. So, we headed down to City Creek and ate and early dinner, because at 4:30 they were STARVING. Seriously, you’d think they hadn’t eaten in days.

food at Macys City Creek

Then we went over to Macy’s Secret Garden Event. The weather was nice out and we stopped to look for trout in the creek.

We found the trout swimming in the pond just behind Customer Service in front of Macy’s.

I think they were more excited about seeing the fish than anything.

Macy’s has a lot of Spring inspired fashion, which was fun to see and good motivation for losing the baby weight.

I found some really cute purses in Navy that I really loved. I’ve always loved the color navy and the polka dots are really cute.

Purses at Macys City Creek

I told the kids we were on a scavenger hunt to find the “bouquet of the day” Macy’s was promoting. I was expecting to see lots of flowers everywhere we were walking. It took some walking and asking a sales gal to point us in the right direction, but we found it…on a couch.

The flowers didn’t even look real. I’m not sure what the large one in the picture is called, but it was really beautiful. I love all the peach tones. The bouquet was designed by a local florist and can be viewed form the Main Street entrance.

It was nice to get out of the house and have a change of scenery! We hope to have more outings now that it’s getting warmer.

Here is a link to more info & Flower Show locations:
Macy's City Creek

Cute purses at Macy's
Cute purses at Macy’s

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