Fivesse Gym Bags

What Does Your Gym Bag Do For You?

Looking for a cute gym bag?

We’re busy women on the go. Gear needs to make our lives easier and be durable,

Cute Gym Bags

affordable, and attractive – enabling us to go from the gym to work, to lunch with friends, to running errands.

How hard does your gym bag work for you?

You might want to ask yourself what you’re using it for. Do you just need a towel, shoes for spinning or dance, a water bottle, and a place to keep keys/phone/ipod safe?

Do you shower and get ready for the day at the gym? If so, a larger bag with more complete storage is ideal.

Fivesse gym bags are feminine, sleek bags that won’t take up a lot of space. I had a chance to meet the designers at Winter Outdoor Retailers. They want this women’s bag to feel fun, colorful and full of personality.

They also designed them with the purpose to help women go from home – to gym – to home.  If you attend spin class/yoga/dance etc and just need a bag to keep your towel, water bottle and shoes then this is a great option.

The outside strap can be used for a yoga mat. Retails $99

They also created a bag to help women go from home – to gym – to work with pockets, components to keep organized and the garment bag keeps clothes from getting wrinkled. The shoe compartment and smelly gym clothes are kept separate from the other areas of the bag. Retails $124 bag + $64 garment bag

I’ve also used this bag for traveling. The compartments are perfect for keeping organized. The garment bag kept my dress wrinkle free.

Why I like Fivesse:
Designed by women for women
Separate components keep bag from smelling
Sporty, sleek and feminine
Detail on pockets

fivesse gym bag

Things to Improve:
Limited choice on color scheme. I don’t love pink gear. Black/camel is the only other option.

I used to take my husband’s duffle bag to the gym for years. I threw everything into the main compartment. It was disorganized making it difficult to easily find my car keys. It was huge, unattractive and unfeminine.

Now, when I go to the gym, I am organized and ready for the day.

Read the article about Women’s Gear: Who’s Getting it Right in our Winter Magazine.

In the spirit of full-disclosure I’ve received material and necessary resources to review this product. No payment was given or expected for this post and all statements and sentiments are my own.Fivesse Gym Bags

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