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Snacks for Kids on the Go: Wacky Apple Products

One day, after kindergarten, my twins told me about different kinds of apples and said they were their favorite snack at school.

Wacky AppleThey had a science lesson taught by a wise mom about using their five senses to make observations. She used different types of apples and had them smell, feel, look at, touch and eat them.

I try to keep a bag of fresh sliced apples in my bag but sometimes I forget or don’t have time. When that happens, I grab some fruit leathers but my kids don’t always eat them because they are too hard for them to chew.

Enter Wacky Apple products.

Wacky Apple products are made from organic apples and contain no added water, artificial colors, preservatives or sugar. They are also gluten free, vegan, and contain NO GMO’s

Wacky Apple products include:

5 flavors of organic applesauces (golden, apricot, cinnamon, mango and wild berry)

5 flavors of organic apple juices (apple, fruit punch, grape, apple grape, wild berry)

3 flavors of organic flat fruits (apple, apple cinnamon, wild berry)

What I would order
Apple Sauces: they are sweet and delicious except for the apricot flavor. The kids didn’t appreciate the sourness.

Wacky Apple

Fruit Flats: I buy fruit leathers from Costco, but these are sweeter, softer and simply have a better texture. My kids want to eat them. Keep in your bag for a quick snack.

I skip fruit juices because I like my kids to have the fiber from the applesauce and fruit flats. However, my kids sampled the juices and loved them.

Make healthy eating enjoyable
Skip the cupcakes and bring in a tray of Wacky Apple applesauce for your kids birthday treat.

You may think “Oh, no, I don’t want to be that kind of parent” but when I heard my daughters reaction to their science project, I realized children can appreciate a healthy snack as much as a gigantic cupcake.

Why I like Wacky Apple
Sustainable, local and family owned
Dedicated to organic farming
No added water, artificial colors, preservatives or sugar
Helps kids understand healthy eating can be delicious

Check out Wacky Apples recipes for Grilled Cheese and Applesauce and Cake in a Cup.

In the spirit of full-disclosure I’ve received material and necessary resources to review this product. No payment was given or expected for this post and all statements and sentiments are my own.

Wacky Apple




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