FROZEN Family Movie Night & Shopping Spree Giveaway


Love FROZEN? Us, too!

Jon took the kids to the sing-a-long viewing. We have bee n listening to the cd non stop in the car (funny side note, our 6 year old thought cd’s ONLY work in cars, but needed to explain they cal so work in computers. Forget CD players! I feel old!) the kids are now doing their own performances (had to show my brother and his wife via Skype on Sunday.)

Win a FROZEN Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy & $75 Amazon Gift Card.

 Welcome to the FROZEN Family Movie Night & Shopping Spree Giveaway!  We’re joining together to give our readers the chance to own the Disney animated hit FROZEN and take their family on a virtual shopping spree.  One winner will receive a $75 Amazon gift card and a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy of FROZEN the day it releases, 3/18.






He’s Olaf!


We have been coloring lots of Elsa and braiding our hair (thank goodness, our 3 year old daughter has refused to have us even brush her hair, but now wants to have a little braid on her right side). She also wears a blanket wrapped around her like a dress and insists on going out in public this way!



In honor of the FROZEN DVD being made available for pre-order, Adventure mom has teamed up with other bloggers to provide you with a fun giveaway. We are in no way affiliated with Disney or Amazon. This something we out together because we love you, our readers!The giveaway goes live Sunday at 9PM MST.

Win a FROZEN Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy & $75 Amazon Gift Card.

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