Curing Cabin Fever

cabin fever cure-all

It’s the first week of February and I feel something coming on.

Diagnosis: Cabin Fever.

I ski in the snow. I play in the snow. I even like just walking in the snow.

But today I am feeling a little hemmed in… and restless.

I always know when I’ve reached my winter limit because I don’t want to shave my legs. Ever. Again.

Definitely Cabin Fever.

Fortunately for me [and my beloved], I know the cure. My favorite prescriptive activities for Cabin Fever are:

  • Indoor picnics on the floor with lots of pillows and delicious gourmet food from our local Pirate O’s.
  • Pillow fight. Really. Make it a surprise attack. You’re never too old.
  • Long, hot baths with a bath bomb and a good book.
  • Taking off for an hour to snap photos in the canyon.
  • Star gazing. The sky is clearer in the winter so the stars are brighter and more prominent.

For the rest of the family the website Family Education has a comprehensive list of great indoor and outdoor activities to help combat the blues.

Spring will be here soon, then the heat of summer and I know I will be longing for the sharp, crystal beauty of the snow but for today, I need that bath bomb.

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