Travel Manners

Monsters Don’t Ride Planes

Monsters-Travel Manners

I’ve seen them. And believe you me… I’ve heard them.

There are monsters on the plane.

Traveling in tight little slices of seats, surrounded by strangers, with a bag of peanuts in hand is no picnic.

Adding children, a.k.a. monsters, to the mix is even more harrowing.

That’s why my friend big-time family traveler, adventure mom, and Dotting the Map blogger has written a new book, Monsters Don’t Ride Airplanes.

With more than seven years traveling on planes, much of the time with babies and little ones, she knows the ropes and has learned how to help children understand the dos and don’ts of good travel manners.

“The number one complaint I hear from parents traveling with children and the evil glares I get from passengers on airplanes is that traveling with children is difficult and pretty much awful for those around you. I wrote this fun and educational book to teach children how to act on airplanes and hopefully spread cheer and create unity to the travel world. It follows monsters on airplanes and shows everything they do wrong and why they aren’t allowed on airplanes.” – Hilarye Fuller

monsters dont ride planes

You can help Hilarye publish her book, Monsters Don’t Ride Planes, and get a few perks for yourself by helping her with a pledge on Kickstarter.

You can contribute as little as $5 and really that’s a small price to pay for monster removal.

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One thought on “Monsters Don’t Ride Planes

  1. This is so cool. I just traveled with my 2yr old. Luckily she was really good but I think I just got lucky that time. I’ve had my monster on a plane before:)

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