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Last week was all about getting outside and enjoying winter and the unique activities it brings.  We even made an appearance on our local lifestyle show with our best-of winter list. See here.

The universe is a funny thing because this week we were all stuck-in and SICK!  We’ve been fevering and coughing up a storm.  We’ve been home from school, work and any extra-curricular activities.  

Home Sick School Games

After watching as much TV and movies as any humans should, we’ve created a list of good old school games activities to do on a sick day.  Lucky for us we got some fun little vintage old school games for Christmas that helped us pass the time while being sick.  See our list of fun games and links to where you can get them.

1. Hula-hooping

Hula-hooping where can I buy a hoolahoop? Did you forget how much fun it was to hula-hoop?  We bought these nifty hoops at Wal-Mart for $5.  We’ve been giving them as birthday gifts when the kids get invited to neighborhood parties.  The kids love the challenge and love to hula multiple hoops.  Endless hours of fun and a sneaky way to get some exercise in.

2. Chinese Jump Rope
Where can I buy a chinese jump rope Remember this goody from elementary school?  My daughter got her fun Chinese Jump Rope for Christmas and we’ve loved playing.  Chinese jump rope games It’s perfect inside too.

3. Super-hero acrobatics Inside games for kids I have such fond memories doing this when I was kid.  Fun games for kids My favorite thing is to see all the tricks my two kiddies can twist and turn themselves into.  Fun inside games for kids

4. Play Jacks
Where can I buy jacks Grandma got this fun little game for my girls.  How to play jacks They’ve had a ball trying to master this game.

5. Cats Cradle
how to play Cats cradle string game Remember this little string game? We got this cute string and book that demonstrates how to play several games and make several intricate shapes from the string.  My daughter and I have had hours of fun with it.  Also bought from Amazon.

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