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Five Top Ways to Ski Cheaply

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Today is my first ski day of the New Year. Hurray for me, and my little friend I call Groupon! Using Groupon coupons are a great way to ski cheaply.

Skiing has turned into such an expensive sport, but with a some tenacity, know-how, and a little online searching, you’ll be schussing across the groomers bargain-basement-style in no time.

January is typically a very cold, slow month for most ski resorts.The holiday crowd has left and it’s not Spring bluebird days yet, so now is the perfect time to bundle up and save a bundle.

Here are my five favorite ways to get the dealio:

  1. This one is easy. Like your favorite ski resorts on Facebook and sign up for email notifications to learn about special offers and discounts.
  2. January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month. There are discounts to be had people. Read all about it here.
  3. Got to love those online clearinghouse sites like GetSkiTickets and Liftopia. You can save up to 80% at more than 250 ski resorts worldwide. And don’t forget sites like Groupon or even Craig’s List.
  4. I dig it when innovative marketing chutzpah and ski resorts get together to offer free skiing, don’t you? Geigerrig is this revolutionary hydration pack that is giving away free lift tickets and BOGO tickets when you make a purchase.
  5. I’m not sure when Shell decided to drop Utah from the list of states that offer BOGO free lift tickets with Shell fuel purchases, but I believe I need to file a complaint, pronto. Right now those lucky duck skiers in California, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, and Washington can receive their voucher for participating ski resorts with the purchase of 10 gallons of gasoline or more at Shell stations.

As we keep saying, “Humans Were Not Meant to Hibernate.”

So get out there and ski… and if it’s free, then you’re tops in my coupon book!



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