Activities for the Winter Months

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What to do in Winter

Humans were NOT meant to hibernate in winter!  Go Adventure Mom invites you to do some of these activities for the winter months to stay active and fit. Learn how you can find new ways to enjoy cold weather.

Being Active During Winter

Winter isn’t a time to go stir-crazy inside. There are lots of amazing outdoor (and some unique indoor) activities to keep families having fun and being active together all winter long.

Here’s a list of 10 things you could and SHOULD be doing this winter.

1. Go Sledding. Sledding #2   If you haven’t slid down an icy hill in 10 years, it’s time.  Don’t let your kids have all the fun.

You don’t have to go far from home to find a place. Many neighborhoods have retention basins to catch excess storm water.  They make perfect sledding hills for little ones.

If you have bigger kids wanting more adventure, our favorite place to sled is up Big Cottonwood Canyon at Tanners Flat area.

Walk up the trail a bit and you’ll see several hills perfect for kids big and little.  Just take a minute to look around your surroundings and notice and identify any potential dangers in the landscape and avoid those areas. Best kids sled zipfy

Don’t have a sled? We’ve partnered with Zipfy to give away a couple Luge Sleds.  Enter to win these darling sleds at the bottom of the post.

2. Don’t forget about the Olympic Oval.  There’s always lots going on. Public skating, semi-pro ice hockey, short and long track world-class athletes training make it a “cool” place (pun intended) to hang out for an afternoon.  Expose your kids to top level athletes and winter sports.  You never know what might make an impression on your kid’s young minds.

 US Speed Skating Olympic Trials are happening all weekend over there.  If you’ve never been, it’s very exciting.

Where should I teach my kid to ski in Utah? 3. Go skiing. Go especially if you never have gone before. It’s learn to ski and snowboard month at ALL Utah resorts.  That means incredible deals on ski lessons for both adults and kids.

Don’t think you can’t ski just because you never have before? January is the perfect time for first-timers to get up on skis.  You can see on the deals on SkiUtah.com under their deals tab.

I’ve been skiing for just four years now and we’ve figured out a little secret that makes skiing on a semi weekly basis very affordable.

Did you know you can ski at Alta after 3 p.m. for just $5.  Seriously!  The lifts are only open for about an hour and a half, but if you start right at three you can usually get in 5 or 6 runs. They also offer rentals for around $10 too.   It’s perfect if you’re a new skier or are skiing with kids.  Their interest and abilities don’t usually last all-day anyway.

I also have to give a little shout out to my favorite resort for beginners.  You may not even know about Wolf Mountain up in the Ogden Valley.  An hour’s drive takes you to one the state’s smallest and least intimidating ski areas.  Snowshoe - Cross Country Ski #3 I took my girls there last year and we fell in love with the tiny resort. Their magic carpet is perfect for the first-timer.

4. Get into the canyon.  If skiing isn’t for you, don’t let it keep you out of the canyon.  Take the kids up Millcreek Canyon for a winter walk.  The snow plows only go so far up and the rest of the canyon is unplowed.  The roadway fills up with 5 feet of snow creating a perfect place to walk the dog, walk the children, snow shoe or cross country ski.

A few years ago I decided to give cross country skiing a try.  I’d never done it before, but was able to rent everything I needed from Sports Chalet for $8.  Snowshoe - Cross Country Ski #1 Me and my husband went with some inexperienced friends and gave it a try.  It’s an easy sport to catch on to and we had a great time and got some great photos.

You can take snowshoes if you have them, but they’re not required.  It’s a popular place for families.  We’ve gone with snowshoes and pulled our little’s in a sled behind us.  It was a perfect way to get out and enjoy the canyon in winter.

Sundance Film Fest #2 5. Go Star gazing.  I’m not talking about winter skies, although that’s fun too.  I’m talking about the Sundance Film Fest.  Sundance is coming up January 16-26th. If you’ve never been just to see the spectacle, it’s worth a trip. How to see celebrities at Sundance

Parking isn’t nearly as scary as everyone makes it out to be.  Just check out the map before you go.  Download it on your phone.  Park in a free remote lot and ride the shuttle.  It’s easy and fun and you’ll see people from all over the world.

My husband and I go every year and I’ve met and had photographs with too many celebrities to name.  I even helped Ethel Kennedy across a very snow street a few years ago.  We always have such a great time and look forward to it.

Last year the weather was great and my seven year old daughter really wanted to see what it was all about, so I took her.  We saw movie stars, visited the art galleries and had a really great mother-daughter day.

6. Visit the National Parks.  Did you know they are still there and still open in the winter?

How is Bryce Canyon in Winter We’re on year-round school and decided to have a little getaway last February while we were off track.

We visited Zion’s National Park, stayed in a fabulous room for less than $50 a night and were the only ones in the park. We had the whole place to ourselves.  Bryce Canyon in Winter

The only thing to mention is that you need to bring your own food and make sure your room at least has a microwave.  It’s a seasonal town which is mostly, but not all closed down in the winter.

The temps were much warmer in Zions Park than at home in Salt Lake.  It was a nice break and we got some amazing family photos.

Bryce Canyon is also a great winter destination if you like snowshoeing, hiking and cross country skiing.

7. Get to the Lake.  Really.  If you’re looking for an all-afternoon outing, pack up your thermos with hot chocolate and any leftover candy canes and go check out the lake.

Most people have never been in the winter. One of my favorite things is to pick up ice chunks and throw them onto the frozen lake to watch them shatter.  I know that sounds simple, but don’t knock it until you try it.  Your kids will LOVE it!  It’s very exciting! It’s a really unique experience to be near a frozen lake.  Just exercise caution and keep your kids close. Cool birthday experiences, ogden ifly iFly Ogden Utah

8. It’s time to iFly. Have you been to Ogden lately? Have you seen their downtown Salomon Center? It’s the perfect place to get lost in family adventure and unique experiences. They have the iFly Wind Tunnel, the Flo Rider, Bowling, Bumper cars, a massive Gold’s Gym, Movie theater, Restaurants and lots of other family activities.

If you’re looking for something new and exciting…this might make a great day.  We made a day of it last week and were totally blown away.  Literally. All four of us were invited over to try their iFly wind tunnel.

After being assigned a rad flight instructor and receiving a little instruction, we made our flight debut.

Both my daughters had an amazing experience.  Even little Sunny got to fly.  Salomon Center iFly Flyers are required to be two-years or older, weigh under 250 lbs and have no history of shoulder dislocations.

My daughter Alyssa’s life-long dream has been to fly, so needless to say… Unique birthday adventures she loved this.

We had a total blast (again, pun intended).  My only word of advice would be to try to keep your mouth closed during your flights to avoid slobbering all over your own face like I was during your flight experience.

The Salomon Center iFly experience would make a great birthday gift for anyone who likes adventure or already has everything.

9. Discovery Gateway.  Have you been there lately?  They always have new and exciting events happening along with their tried and true exhibits.  I went a few months ago with my kids and their cousins.  They love the new Intermountain Healthcare Primary Children’s exhibit.  It’s a great place to hang out in the winter.

10. Get your indoor skate on. If you really don’t want to be outside but need something to do as a family, consider hitting the skating rink. We’re not above a little family outing at Classic Skating.  Especially if you don’t mind a little Junior High PDA.  Did you know they allow scooters and wiggle cars in there too?

I have my own razor scooter and went with my kids recently for a birthday party and had a complete blast. Just because we’re grown ups now, doesn’t mean we have to let the kids have all the fun.  Don’t be afraid to get out on the scooter.  After a few rounds you’ll get the hang of it.

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