Sun Performance Snow Rider

Sun Performance Snow Rider Sunglasses

Sun Performance Snow Rider
Sun Performance Snow Rider

Recently my parents and grandparents were diagnosed with macular degeneration. Knowing this is highly genetic I asked my physician what I could do to prevent this disease.

I was surprised by his answer “wear sunglasses” not just your average $20 grocery store glasses with spray UV protection, but real 100% UVA & UVB protection in quality sunglasses.

I began to take my eye sight seriously and I found very expensive sunglasses ($350) that worked well but when I lost them and had to replace them it was costly.

Since then I’ve been introduced to more economical eye protection.

Sun Performance sent me their Snow Rider sunglasses to review while I learn to ski and play in the greatest snow on earth here in Utah.

It’s easy to forget the sun reflects off the snow and protecting our eyes in the winter is just as important as other times of the year. These glasses retail around $100 and are a good value for the money.

Sun Performance Snow Rider
Sun Performance Snow Rider

These sunglasses are great to take on your winter adventures. I took my twins to Snowbird Ski Resort Tram and we played in the snow for hours at the top of the mountains.

I found the Snow Rider glasses to be excellent in covering my entire eyes with the MagTraxion™ eye cup allowing the air to flow through (this cup is also removable). They also fit well and had excellent peripheral vision.

One thing I did not like about the glasses was they tended to fog up a bit when my face got warmer. It was a minor annoyance.

These sunglasses come with instructions for your eye care team to add your prescription if needed. It also comes with a semi-rigid case, cleaning cloth, cleaning cloth pouch for eye cups & adjustable cord.

Sun Performance Snow Rider
Sun Performance Snow Rider

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