Cupcake Paper Snowflakes — Kids Holiday Craft Printable

Cupcake Paper Snowflakes

A few weeks ago I posted a fun Frozen movie post that included a ton of printable activity sheets. One of these printable activity sheets included cupcake paper snowflakes.

How to make paper snowflakes

This snowflake template to make your own ornate snowflakes was really fun!

Paper snowflake printable template

My daughter Sunny and I had a great time making them but it was kind of a challenge to make all the intricate cuts because our regular computer printer paper was quite thick to cut through when it was folded up according to the instructions.

This made me want to seek out thinner paper.

Recycled Christmas Decorations

I had an ah-ha moment when I realized that the night before we had burned through our tin of Royal Dansk Holiday Cookies leaving a bunch of empty cupcake papers.

So we experimented.

Kids Paper Snowflake Craft

We smoothed out the cupcake paper and folded it into a cone.

Frozen Paper Snowflake Template

Then we got our Frozen Snowflake printable template (available here) and transferred the design.

How to cut paper snowflakes

We made the cuts.

Coll paper snowflake designs

And ended up with this!

what kind of paper should I use for paper snowflakes?


Cool snowflake designs

We repeated the process over and over until we had used up all the cupcake papers.

My daughters LOVED doing this fun craft.  It was fast, cheap and easy.  If the templates are too complicated for little hands to cut, let them free cut.

kids snowflake patterns

There are no two snowflakes that are just the same.

snowflake patterns for kids

They come in every shape and size.

Best of all it was easy to clean up.  We just brushed all our scraps into the tin and took them to the recycling can.

Recycled Christmas ornaments.

This is a great eco-friendly craft.  It was fun to teach the kids to reuse and find a new use for something that would just be trash. We are proudly displaying the snowflakes in our home. homemade paper snowflakes

They also make great delicate little ornaments for a Christmas tree.

How to make recycled christmas decorations

Now there’s a reason to save your cookie tins and papers!

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3 thoughts on “Cupcake Paper Snowflakes — Kids Holiday Craft Printable

  1. What a cute idea! And using something that would have gone in the trash = genius! We love making snowflakes as well!

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