Baby advice from a 5 year old

How do I get my baby's bum to not stink?

We are excited to welcome Baby Dalton 3.0 to our family. Our due date is February 1, but according to our doctor, it sounds like he’ll be joining us a little early.

I’ve been on bed rest for the last four weeks and have just been focused on cooking the baby a little more.

I’m so grateful  for all the love and support we’ve gotten.

In preparation for baby, we’ve been talking a lot about babies at our house. Here’s an interview I conducted with my five year old son that I thought was funny:

What would you say to a child that has a new baby in their home?

–       Congratulations!


What would you tell a child about a baby?

–       They cry. A lot.

–       They have to take naps. So that means you have to be quiet. You can play quiet games like “I Spy” or Legos.

Patagonia Kids #goadventure


How can you help mommy with a new baby?

–       Feed the baby a bottle.

–       Play with the baby.

–       Pat the baby’s back so it can burp.


Where do babies come from?

–       Mommies belly


How can you tell if a baby is a boy or a girl?

–       It’s a boy if it has short hair. A girl if it has long hair.

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