Thanksgiving side dish

The Thanksgiving Side Showstopper

    Thanksgiving side dish Almost 10 years ago I joined a family who’s mother was a Home Economics teacher.  She has a million tried and true recipes that everyone knows and loves.  To bring something she is planning to make is a family faux pas.  You just don’t do it.  It’s just not done.

And…don’t get me started on how difficult it is to buy something for her.

Rainbow jello

So for the first few years of my marriage I struggled to contribute until I noticed something missing at the family table.There was no Jell-O.  And really, we’re a big Mormon family.  How can we not have Jell-O on the table? Jello Mold

I remembered one of my friends moms in college made a multilayer rainbow jello for Thanksgiving, so I got the recipe from her and year after year it’s always the showstopper.  And…It’s delicious.  Creating the Jello is a Thanksgiving Tradition all on its own.

As you can see from the photos I’ve used a variety of methods and created it in different ways.  Ribbon Jello And…for the record.  The number of layers to beat is 22. Individual Jello cups

Individual ribbon Jello So if you want to be a part of Thanksgiving Jello Throw-Down 2013 be sure to send me your photos!

Here’s the Recipe

Rainbow Jello

2 small boxes Jello, same flavor for each layer (in the Jell-O I made above I used 8 different flavors and 16 boxes of Jell-O total)

1/3 Cup Sour Cream for each creamy layer

1/3 Cup Ice water for each clear layer

Boil one cup water ( I use a glass measuring cup in microwave)

add Jello contents, dissolve.

for clear layer add the ice water


for creamy layer add sour cream

When mixing in sour cream, I use a submersion blender.  It takes about two seconds to mix and makes very few bubbles (you don’t want bubbles).

Allow around two hours for each layer to set before pouring the next layer.

(Avoid using peach jello, although it’s delicious, it looks gray when mixed with sour cream.  Also…it’s very hard to get green Jell-o (also tasty) to look good on top or below any other colors. Just saying.)

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