10 Things to do in winter

Staying Active During Winter

Winter is coming and with it come freezing temperatures. Whether you need a little break on your own to rejuvenate or a break from school work with the kids, getting outside will always keep your heart warm with memories. It is important to get outside and get some fresh air. Here are a few tips on staying active during winter months.

Tips for Staying Active During Winter

1. Go for a walk with a friend. In my opinion, this is the easiest and most rejuvenating activity for oneself. It will prevent you from feeling because isolated as you will be able to talk with each other. No special gear is needed to go for a walk, other than a comfortable pair of shoes, a proper jacket and a hat. Check out local trails or walk around your neighborhood.

2. Shovel snow for a neighbor. You’ll create strong family bonds as you serve together. Make the event fun, let the kids know they can plan on a huge cup of steaming hot cocoa filled with marshmallows and board games when they get home.

3. Snowshoe. If you’re a family who likes to hike then snow shoeing is a great alternative during the winter. You may rent or buy kids snow shoes at outdoor retailers and even Costco. Then check out your local trails and spend a couple hours trekking around. Remember to bring water to keep hydrated (or better yet a thermos with hot cocoa).


4. Get out and play! There is no better time to make snow angels, build a snowman, have a snow ball fight, or build an igloo, than when it first snows. Make these simple activities extra fun by using materials to decorate your snow angel or snowman. Old clothes and accessories can be used to dress it up. Playing with your children creates strong parent-child bond according the the American Pediatric Association.

staying active in winter

5. Ski. If you don’t know how to ski make a goal to learn this season. January is the national Learn to Ski month. Check out skiutah.com for more local information on deals. There are inexpensive options to help you and your children to learn how to ski.

6. Enter a holiday fun run. Participate as a family and plan to go as fast or as slow as you’d like. These runs are usually 5k’s (a manageable 3.1 miles) with kids runs around 1 mile. You can celebrate your accomplishment with a holiday meal afterward.

7. Roast hotdogs or marshmallows in the canyon/backyard. Organize a winter picnic with your family and friends in the canyon. You can make a small trek to your favorite site or buy a small fire pit for your backyard. Either way remember to bring your own firewood, matches and food.

staying active in winter

8. Go sledding. This activity is a family favorite. I used to make sled trails and jumps in my cousins backyard…it was magical! Gliding downhill with the cool wind on your face provides hours of fun. The trek uphill makes this activity a cardio workout for everyone. Remember to wear helmets to protect little heads.

9. Paint the town red…or at least the snow. Fill several bottles with water and food coloring and you’ll have instant color perfect for creating snow art. Give them some fruit juice to get their “creative juices” flowing. or read an art book before heading out.


10. Ice Skate. Growing up I thought my sister was Dorothy Hammill. My mom took us to the local ice skate rink where we learned to skate. My sister was good enough to take lessons and I watched her twist and turn with delight. What says winter more than ice skating?

I recognize it can be hard to get the family out to revel in the icy white stuff. Just getting kids dressed, in the car, and adjusting seat belts to accommodate coats can take an extra 15 minutes. However, the benefits of getting outside far outweigh any inconveniences. Let it snow!

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