Ride Snowbird Tram FREE (almost)

Ride Snowbird Tram FREE (almost)

Did you know it’s customer appreciation days at Snowbird Can I ride the Snow Bird Tram?

I bet you thought that after all the beautiful all colors were gone your NEED to go up the canyon would be over.

But…you were wrong.  Snowbird wants you.  AND they want you for a cause.

For a simple canned food, hygiene item or a $3 donation, they’ll give you a pass to ride their world famous Snowbird Tram.  Family Friendly hikes in Utah

What a perfect time to take the family up the canyon and explore the mountains in fall.

The Tram goes to the tippy-top of Hidden Peak.  An elevation of 11,000 feet.  An impressive feat that would normally take ALL DAY to hike.  Utah’s Mount Timpanogos is 11,700 feet and you’d definitely have a blister on your toe at the end of the day. The Tram is cheating  little to get those same spectacular views.  What is the Elevation of Hidden Peak?

I’m an Alta girl myself, and although I’ve been on the Tram more than a few times, I’ve never been when there’s been snow on the ground.

There isn’t TONS of snow up there, but there’s enough that everything looks white and GLORIOUS! What is the elevation of Hidden Peak, Utah

The charity drive and Tram offer is good through the November 10th, so don’t wait.  It operates until 5 p.m. each day.

We went with 10 of our favorite cousins and some fun anties and uncles this Saturday. Can kids ride the tram at Snow Bird?

We were expecting LARGE crowds, but were surprised to find the pace was easy and relaxed.  Not crowded at all.

It was a balmy 53 degrees at the base of the mountain.  Family adventures in Utah But…When we got up top, we were certainly glad we had boots and winter coats with hats.  It was 27 degrees and 40 mile per hour winds.  We honestly felt a little like we had summited Everest.  Only we did it with 10 kids in around 5 minutes.

We only spent about 15 minutes on top of the peak, but they were some of the most exciting, refreshing minutes of our lives.

The kids were cold at the top, but ever since, they’ve been talking about being at the top of a mountain.  I hope they’ll remember this for a long, long time.

Don’t miss your opportunity to take your kiddies to the top of the mountain for almost FREE!!

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