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I’m A Wild Thing

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I’m a Wild Thing

I rode horses, built clubhouses, biked for miles, and played baseball in a field with boards and rocks.

Yes, you read that right; boards and rocks. As I recall there was only one trip to the doctor’s office.

We wouldn’t think of coming home until it was dark. We were too busy running wild.

We were playing.

Today’s digital age and social mores have changed the landscape for nearly all of America’s children.

Apparently the same thing is happening in the UK.

Project Wild Thing

Project Wild Thing just hit the UK cinemas and it’s receiving international acclaim. This documentary is about David Bond and his struggle to get his own two children to head to the great outdoors.

“This film is a personal story,” says Bond. “In filming ‘Project Wild Thing,’ we attached a camera to my daughter’s head to see how she spent her time. Nearly a third was spent on screens. She spent just 4 percent of her time playing outdoors, the same length of time she spent in the bathroom.

go adventure mom blog

If ‘nature’ was a business, its sales figures would be plummeting…

We thought it would be interesting to see if we could run a marketing campaign to encourage kids to go outdoors.

The more children I met, the clearer it became that, although all children want nature, they don’t choose it.”

We’ve been in touch with the producers of Project Wild Thing and there isn’t a US launch date yet. But as soon as there is a date we’ll post it on Go Adventure Mom.

I’m certain you’ll want to watch this fun and also sobering film, unless of course you’re out in wilds playing with your family.

And if that’s the case, well then – carry on!

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