How you can win big with your Outdoor Family


#outdoorfamilies #thanksfulforfamilies instagram contest

10 outdoor family bloggers are hosting an Instagram contest starting next week and you can win some sweetprizes in time for the holidays.

Outdoor Families Instagram Contest 

Enter to win the #outdoorfamilies giveaway!  Simply share a picture of you and your family doing an outdoor activity on instagram and use the hashtags #outdoorfamilies and #thankfulforfamilies. Contest runs from November 19-26. You can share a photo daily (up to 7 total photos) and winners will be chosen at random and announced on Instagram by each participating blogger on their blogs.

Giveaway entry rules:


  • Must be a resident of US or Canada
  • You MUST follow all the blogger participants on Instagram listed below to be eligible to win any of the prizes:  @alyssa_kidproject,  @mtnmamatale,  @chasquimom , @velomomjen , @kathydaltonslc @goadventuremom, @jennifer_fontaine, @meghanjward , @katespiller,  @adventuretykes , @adventurousmoms
  • All photos must be originals and taken by YOU (a reposted photo will disqualify you!)
  • All photos must be tagged with BOTH #outdoorfamilies AND #thankfulforfamilies and submitted by 10 pm MST on November 26th.
  • All winners will be chosen randomly from all submitted entries at the end of the week and announced on each of the blogs after November 26th.  Comments will also be left on the winning photos to let you know you won.

Outdoor Families Instagram Contest


What you can win:

**All prizes with the exception of one (noted) will be open to both US and Canadian residents**

  • A pair of Oakiwear waders for your child
  • An Ambler kids’ hat
  • Nikwax Products (Sandal Wash, Freshbase and Polar Proof)
  • Snowstoppers Nylon Mittens
  • Spyder Mini Cubby Long Ski Mittens and Bob Skates from Mountain Baby
  • An Outdoor Wine Glass Set and pair of snack trays from Grasshaven Outdoor
  • Kowalli Baby Carrier Cover
  • $150 Gift Certificate to spend at any retailer on the ActiveJunky.com Site
  • HABA sand toys
  • Bandi Bands
  • From Honey Stinger – 2 boxes (choc and van) of the new kid’s waffle – US ONLY!!
  • Education Outdoors board game
  • Hero Kit – First Aid or bike repair kit
  • Ducksday Rain Suit
  • Easy Rider Chair from Travel Chair
  • A Children’s Outdoors Book: “Watershed Adventures of a Water Bottle” by Jennifer Chambers
  • Winner’s choice of one pair of shoes from Hi-Tec

LIST OF #OutdoorFamilies Instagram Contest brought to you by: 

Alyssa – @alyssa_kidproject

Amelia – @mtnmamatale

Melissa Avery –  @chasquimom

Jennifer Klein Charrette –  @velomomjen

Kathy Dalton- @kathydaltonslc @goadventuremom

Jennifer Fontaine – @jennifer_fontaine

Meghan Ward –  @meghanjward

Kate Kristian Spiller – @katespiller

Melissa Edge   @adventuretykes

Jen Bauer – @adventurousmoms

Outdoor Families Instagram Contest

Participating Bloggers (who worked hard to round up these great prizes!):

*Make sure you check out all of these great blogs!*

  1. Adventure Tykes: http://adventuretykes.com
  2. Adventurous Moms: http://adventurousmoms.com
  3. The Adventures in Parenthood Project: http://adventurousparents.com
  4. Chasqui Mom: http://ChasquiMom.com
  5. Go Adventure Mom: http://goadventuremom.com
  6. Mommy Hiker: http://www.mommyhiker.com
  7. The Kid Project: http://kidproject.org
  8. Tales of a Mountain Mama: http://talesofamountainmama.com
  9. Velo Mom: http://Velomom.com
  10. Wild Tales Of: http://wildtalesof.com

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