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Treks For Your Travel Bug

go adventure mom Got the travel bug?

Me too. I’ve had it since I was four.

Even though I’ve seen my share of travel including four European countries, the Mexican Riviera, and Brazil, I am not looking to treat my affliction anytime soon and I’m guessing I’m not alone.

Now I’ve turned my eyes to the “knap-sack on my back” kind of travel. No more tourist trappings for me.

I want to take long walks in strange lands, breathe the colorful air, and look into the eyes of honesty.

Which brings me to World Wide Trekking.

For months now, I’ve been window-shopping as I quickly drive past their building. Today though, I stopped in to say hello and dream (and drool) over the fabulous photography lining the walls and real-deal, experiential travel that this seasoned company offers.

I met the owner Dean Cardinale who has climbed and led guided expeditions in North and Central America, Africa, Europe, South America and the Himalayas. And also the very friendly, Gale Dahlager, guide and expert travel adventure specialist.

World Wide Trekking emphasizes many values including personal achievement, cultural tourism, and safety – all rolled up in first-class accommodations.

So what should it be?

Go Adventure Mom The amazing 9-day adventure combining the colorful city of Cusco, the magnetic scared valley of Peru, and a trek to  incredible Machu Picchu?

Or a dreamy sailboat that will take us to some of the best swimming and snorkeling areas in the Mediterranean?

Maybe we should choose camping as we track the Mountain Gorilla in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park?

Here’s the best part.

World Wide Trekking has a talk-less-do-more commitment to serving people and our planet. That means that they offer many wonderful humanitarian trip through their non-profit, Human Outreach Project.

“The brave do not live forever but the cautious do not live at all.” –The Princess Diaries

Machu Picchu (15) Whether it’s a hunt for the perfect fall leaf in your backyard or a hike in the Himalayas, you will be happier and healthier if you make family travel and adventure your priority.

Chances are, you’ll feel more alive than ever, even with the travel bug.


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