Taking Parenting Tips from BatDad

Batdad Parenting Tips

Dressing Up in Character

A few weeks ago while watching TODAY, I saw a hilarious story about a Georgia dad who used a Batman Dark Night mask and Vine to document parenting moments and share glimpses into his families life.

Taking Parenting Tips from BatDad

The videos are hilarious and paint a picture about what it would be like if Batman were your stay-at-home parent.

I’ve never laughed so hard! After seeing the Today report I searched YouTube and found this gem.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YlVi0noRr-o]

I was convinced that Bat-Parent could work at our house too.  And, even if it didn’t I thought it would be hilarious and useful to have a Dark Night mask in our home.  I jumped on Amazon and ordered myself one.  It cost all of about $5 and arrived at my house two days later.

Introducing BatMOM!

The moment of truth came when we were having dinner.  I laid in wait for the moment to arise.  What??? My five-year-old doesn’t want to eat steamed carrots?  It’s a problem for mom, but NOT BatMOM!!!

I popped the mask on my face, used a gravely voice and calmly explained why vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet.  Two seconds later, who is scarfing down the carrots?  That’s right.  My kid.  AND she was laughing while she ate.  Parenting WIN!

BatMOM Solves the Dilemma

Normally we have problems with kids NOT using utensils, or not wanting to eat vegetables, or not wanting to eat at all.   Now when they do something annoying, use bad manners or there’s a lesson they need to learn, BatMom comes out and give them the parenting what-for.  Everyone laughs and listens.  Who knew getting your kids to OBEY could be so much fun!

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