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2013-08-27 16.07.18 Normally, we travel as a family of four, but once a year we take a couples ONLY trip. This year, Steve and I traveled to Chicago. how to pack your tablet on an airplane

Without kids, I thought I might have time to get a lot of work done, so I brought all my best work tools in my brand new STM VELO 2 tech bag.  2013-08-27 10.16.45

I met the kind folks at STM Bags, including the company President (who is a super cool Australian dude), at the Summer Outdoor Retailers market last month.  They were kind enough to provide me this bag free of charge in exchange for my using the bag and talking about it here.

I guess I’ve always used ghetto bags, because this was one RAD bag!  STM bags are thoughtfully designed for the traveler and the tech they are bringing along.

It was as if the product designer knew what it was like to go through airport security.  There are all kinds of zippy pockets that are super easy to access, convenient when you’re flashing your ID and boarding pass every 5 seconds.   Technology Backpack Going through security is never fun, but the convenience of this bag, make it lots easier.

I had all the stuff I wanted to take on the plane packed in the Velo 2 STM provided me with.  It’s large enough to hold a 13 inch laptop AND a tablet too.  It has snug little slots perfect for safely transporting your $$ electronic devices.   It also, for the record, holds a hoodie, a book (yes with real pages) a small purse, a phone charger, a computer cord, business cards, a water bottle and whatever other crap I carry.

Travel bags for women that stay in place on your shoulder One of my favorite features of the bag is the water bottle holder.  You might think I’m crazy to carry water with my tech stuff, but there’s this ingenious pouch specifically designed for a water bottle to hold it snug and away from all the gadgets.

I also loved the waist strap.  If you look carefully here you’ll see there is a cool strap that goes around your hips to help keep the bag on your shoulder when you’re walking a distance.  As a short person with apparently defective shoulders, this bag is the only bag I’ve ever had that stays on my shoulder without me constantly tugging and re-placing the strap when it slides off.

It also has a luggage pass through so you can just thread the whole bag on the handle of your luggage and cart it through the airport that way.  AND…when you’re not using the pass-through, you can zip the bottom of it and use it to hold documents.  Cool eh?  Did I tell you?  This thing is thoughtfully designed.

If you’ve never been to Chicago before, here’s some things you might want to do.  Backpacks for tech Get ready for great architecture in the hundreds of tall, tall buildings all with beautiful with loads of history.  What bags can you take in the Art Institute of Chicago? You’ll see fabulous art.  American Gothic Some people like art more than others. I like it about as much as the lady behind me? FYI you can’t take a backpack into the Chicago Art Institute, but… you can take cool shoulder bags.

You can rent a bike for $7 and ride it all over the city. How to ride DIVY bikes in Chicago You can ride it and turn in it at one of the 200 bike depots around the city and get another one later all for the same $7.  Tech travel bags for biking We saw a lot of stuff on these bikes. Biking around Lake Michigan You can see one of the worlds largest fresh water lakes.

You can eat pizza.  Where to get good deep dish pizza in Chicago This was deep dish pizza from Giordonos.

You can witness urban fog.  What to do. One day in Chicago It’s cool. The fog intertwines in and through the buildings.

All these good time meant very little work time for me, but, no regrets.  Tablets Who has time to work on the computer when there’s so much going on all around you?

Curious about where you can buy such a rad bag?  They carry them at most college book stores and various other retailers.  For a full list of retailers, see here.  Or you can just do what I do and order it off Amazon.

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