Seeing the world FAR and NEAR — Coghlan’s Kid Binoculars

Compact Camping pans Great Camping accesories Coghlan's Camping If you’re thinking summer has past you by and there’s no time left to get up and enjoy some great hikes, think again.

Fall is the VERY BEST time of year to get out hike and explore the canyons.

The heat is over, the crisp, cool temps feel great when you’re trekking up a mountainside.  No more sweating under your hat and carrying a gallon of water everywhere you go.

Don’t forget the fall leaves.  Just drive in the canyon won’t do it justice.  Get out there and see it up close.

We’ve been hiking A LOT this summer. Our favorite spot has been hiking right inside the boundaries of Alta Ski Area. It’s my favorite spot in the winter too, FYI.  I can’t wait to get up the canyon in October to see the beautiful colors and wildlife.

We’ve seen so much wildlife, Moose, Deer, squirrels, and birds. Thanks to the fine folks at Coghlans, whom we met at the Summer Outdoor Retailers market, we had some cool equipment to enhance our outdoor experience.

Check out Sunny using her kid-specific binoculars. She and her sister LOVED having their own binoculars to look at whatever they wanted up close. binoculars for kids They didn’t have their dad breathing down their necks constantly worried that his more expensive binoculars would get knocked out of alignment. Coghlan's kids camping accesories Everyone was happy and we all saw lots of cool nature up close.

Check out Coghlan’s full line of kid specific camp gear.

If your kids don’t enjoy being outdoors as much as you’d like them to, consider purchasing a few things that might enhance their experience.  Kids like having stuff to use.  It makes them feel more in control of their experience and want to participate more

Being outside in the mountains is a unique experience not to be pushed off to another day or another weekend.  Get out there TODAY and show your kids the wonder and amazement in the big and small and near and far.

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2 thoughts on “Seeing the world FAR and NEAR — Coghlan’s Kid Binoculars

  1. This is cool, my kids always begging me to buy binocular for them, I think this is a perfect time to buy binocular for them because they love adventures and love’s go into the forest.

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