School bag recommendations for late backpack buyers

School bag recommendations for late backpack buyers

With summer officially ending, it’s time to start packing your kids’ things and drive them to school. What if your kid is getting tired of his or her old school bag and is asking for a new one, though? No need to fret. If you’re still looking for a back-to-school bag ideas, here are a few highly recommended backpacks that should serve both your kids’ school needs and the more rugged adventures they’re bound to go on.
The North Face Hot Shot 

The North Face Hot Shot backpack is built to take a lot of abuse. It’s durable ballistic nylon material makes it perfect for active kids. Sudden rain won’t be a problem either as the bag’s fabric is very resistant to water. Inside, it offers a lot of compartments for everything from books and notebooks to tablets and laptops. The North Face Hot Shot can hold a lot of stuff – up to 15 pounds – but it can be a bit heavy even when empty.

Hot Shot Backpack The North Face JanSport Thunderclap 

Whether your kid is at school or out on a trip, the JanSport Thunderclap is well built to suit their carrying needs. It’s waterproof, light, and has enough compartments to hold all of your kids’ school gear, be it a 12” laptop or something as small as a M&S lunch bag. The padded straps are also pretty comfortable even when the bag is nearly full.

Jan Sport Backpack

High Sierra Zoe 

The High Sierra Zoe girls’ backpack has a special water resistant coating on its Duralite fabric material to keep your kids’ gear dry. Its straps are also ergonomically designed for girls. This backpack is made of ripstop fabric, so there’s no worry of it getting accidentally torn. Inside, there’s a padded compartment for a laptop that should keep it from being jostled about on the way to and from school.

High Sierra Zoe

Any of these three backpacks should prove their worth for quite a while. Or until your kids grow tired of them and ask for new ones next year, anyway.

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