Jumping in the puddles

When it rains, jump in the puddles.

It doesn’t rain a lot in Utah, but the kids were THRILLED to jump in the puddles even though it was the end of August. We had just ordered some BOGS Footwear boots for the winter that had arrived the week before.

They look so cute in the t-shirt and shorts wearing winter boots!

The biggest challenge was FINDING puddles.

We couldn’t see any at our house, but luckily our neighbor’s had some nice splashy puddles.

Don’t you love to jump in the puddles?

I do.

In just my flip flops, I jumped with the kiddos.

It was so fun.


Bogs Footwear IMG_1015


I’ve been trying to focus more time on photography and found this to be a fun test.

Capturing the splash of the puddle and the action of the kids proved to be a different challenge.


IMG_1016 Best rain boots for splashing in puddles IMG_1029 IMG_1039 IMG_1044 IMG_1073 IMG_1075

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