Earning a princess bike

The binkey fairies came one night.

It was rather unexpected for a certain little girl.

The fairy wore a purple dress and took all the little girls binkeys.

“My keebee” cried the little girl. For nights and nights she withdrew from her security.

“Oh but wait little one, she will bring you a princess bike” her mommy cooed each night.

“My keebee” cried the little girl.

Being 2 1/2 is hard work.



Joovy Balance Bike But the little girl was rewarded one day. Her daddy had just come home from work, “Yes, she has been a good girl. What’s that there’s something at the front door?” he asked into his phone.  Joovy Balance Bike

The little girl ran to the front door and to her surprise, there were TWO packages waiting for her.

Joovy Balance Bike

The surprise on her face revealed such joy!

The binkey fairy had come and left her a princess bike.

Joovy Balance Bike

Joovy Balance Bike


Disclaimer: I am a Joovy Mom and was sent this princess balance bike. The opinions are my own.

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