Hotdogs Roasting On an Open Fire –Coghlan’s Camp Accesories

So, if I’m being real, I’m not much of a camper. But…as a self-proclaimed “Adventure Mom,” I’m trying to become one.

I want my kids to LOVE being outdoors and to know how to live and play in the outdoors.

Enter Coghlan’s. I met these fine folks at the Summer 2013 Outdoor Retailers show.

They provided me with some great equipment to get started on family fun times outdoors. One of the products I got really excited about was this Hard Anodized Aluminum Cookset.  Normally when we “camp” it’s in our backyard, and we do all the cooking in the house.

When we have camped in the wilderness, I’ve usually just brought food that doesn’t require a whole lot of cooking.  We eat sandwiches, and cold cereal, things like that.

Now that my kids are getting a bit older, we’ll venture into the wilderness for longer than a night or two.  Camping Cookset, Coghlan's Thanks to Coghlan’s, we now have a great cookset to get us started.

I initiated this cookset at a family cookout last weekend.  How to plan a family cookout A group of 30 of us got together for a weenie-roast at our old family farmstead in South Jordan Utah.

Roasting hotdogs We roasted hotdogs around the fire.

And everyone knows you can’t have a hotdog with out chili and cheese.  Chili dog recipe Me and my Coghlan cookset provided the chili for the dogs.

As I opened the box, I was delighted to find there were so many pieces to this set and that they all nested together and were compact for storage.  Coghlan's Aluminum Cookset I also love the panhandles and how they swing in or out depending on what you’re doing with the pan.  Great camping pans

I also love the vent in the top.  There perfect for straining excess water from the pan with out fear of dumping the pan’s contents.

I cooked up the chili on my outdoor grill at home before we left for the cookout.  I’d recommend using this cookset on any grill that had a burner.  Chili dog Recipe Indoor pans don’t always enjoy being used outside on the grill.  Don’t ask me how I know that’s true (#pansiveruined).  I’m glad to have a designated outdoor pan set.

I cook my broccoli outdoors now.  That way the house doesn’t smell like cooked broccoli for three days. Family cookout ideas

We took the chili to the cookout where it was a big hit.  Meals for camping I served it in the pan and moved the handles in so no un-knowing children accidently bumped the handles and flipped the pan.  Camping meals

It was perfect addition to our fun party.  Everyone loved the chili and I loved the pan I cooked it in.  I also loved the little cup/scoop that comes in the set.  It’s perfect for both serving and eating out of.

Chili Dog Recipe Roasted Chili Dog Recipe (feeds 8)

1 Can Chili (your favorite brand)

1 Cup Shredded Cheese

1/2 cup Light Sour Cream (optional)

8 Hot Dogs

8 large buns

Warm chili in small sauce pan. Roast hotdog over campfire and insert dog into bun. Top dogs with Chili, Cheese and Sour Cream.  Enjoy!

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