5 Tips for Keeping your Stuff Safe at School!

These back to school safety tips are brought to you by PacSafe.

5-back-to-school-safety-tips It’s important to feel safe in school, but safety starts with you and the decisions you make. Trust isn’t something to take lightly, especially when you spend a great deal of time on campus or in the dorms where distractions of friends, studying and activities leaves little time to worry about possessions. Don’t be a fool- here are 5 tips for keeping your stuff safe in school.Communication is Key

Scratch the “cool, mysterious” hermit route. Keep in touch with friends and family on the regular, and make sure they have an idea of your class schedule. If an emergency occurs, it’s important that someone has an idea of how to find you.

Don’t Chance it- Lock it up

Do not EVER second guess locking up belongs, or locking your dorm room door when you leave- even if its just to grab laundry. This is such a common way have valuables stolen, and I hate to say it, but sometimes you can’t even trust your roommate. Invest in a quality safe such as the Travelsafe Portable Safe for stress free storage.

Be Smart in Public

Whether leaving the study room in the library for a minuscule minute or running to the loo in the cafeteria, leaving your belongings behind is not a good idea, even if you are coming right back. A second is all it takes to lose a pricey laptop- take it with you or check out Pacsafe’s Ultimatesafe 22L and 32L backpack. Both come with a removable 360 eXomesh cage that can be chained up to a fixture to keep your goodies safe when you step out.

Classic Buddy System

You can’t go wrong. Walk those long distances across campus to catch your night class with a buddy. Talk to people in your classes and feel them out to see which routes they take. Discuss that sweet study abroad trip while walking back to the dorms. You’re not only being smart, but making new friends!

Don’t Get Flashy

Use common sense people! Cool tablet- now stuff it in your bag! Carrying around expensive electronics on a daily basis has become the norm in today’s society. Keep them out of sight, or else you could become a target for theft. Girls- check out Pacsafe’s durable and stylish Citysafe 200 GII handbag to hold your Ipad/tablet or Macbook. Guys- the Metrosafe 275 GII will offer prime protection for your favorite electronics.


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