Survey results show why there is a decline in youth participation in outdoors

Survey results show why there is a decline in youth participation in outdoors

Over the past six years, youth participation in the outdoors has decreased by approximately 20%.  Eureka!, a designer and manufacturer of high quality camping equipment for more than 100 years, conducted a survey of more than 1,100 Americans to determine their thoughts about this trend and garner their feedback on the main contributors to the steady decline. Below are some key findings from the survey…

Nature can’t compete with technology.

  • 51% of Americans say that “competition with technology” is the number one reason why kids are not enjoying the great outdoors.
  • 22% of Americans say that “not enough time” is the reason why they don’t participate in outdoor activity with their kids.

Who’s responsible for motivating youth to participate in outdoor activities?

  • 61% of outdoor enthusiasts think that parents carry the responsibility of making sure our next generation participates in outdoor recreation.

Camping is the most popular way to introduce the outdoors to kids.

  • 38% of those surveyed reported that the best activity to get kids interested in outdoor recreation is camping.

Old fashioned Compass trumps GPS technology any day on the trail.

  • 68% of Americans would rather have a compass over a GPS if they were lost.
  • 79% of Americans think that a compass is more reliable than a GPS unit.

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