Outdoor family breakfast up Millcreek Canyon

For my brother Mike’s wedding reception weekend here in Salt Lake, Jon and I wanted to make it fun for my sister in-law Joanna’s family and invited them all up the canyon for breakfast.


Jon and I headed up early and set everything up. We have a Camp Chef that we use and this great big griddle that we borrowed from Jon’s parents.

Getting set up is pretty quick, especially when the kids are helping. Jon has a cart he uses for work that we just load stuff up on.


Cooking for a big group takes a little bit of time, but it was so yummy! I tell ya, nothing tastes as good as food cooked in nature!

My dad and Jon were getting everything set up. I was getting a bad migraine and had to sit down for a minute.


The kids had fun playing on the cart.

Everyone had fun just being up in nature. Joanna’s family is from Seattle and I think they really had a nice time.

The reception was later that night, it was a nice way to start the day.

My brother Mark is the best uncle, he loves our kids so much and is so good to go exploring with the kids.



My sister’s little baby and Lindsey’s baby became friends!


This little dude below is only 3 months younger than our daughter. It’s really fun to have cousins so close in age.


there’s my handsome husband Jon eating is well earned breakfast.


Not sure what’s happening in this picture, but he was being silly as always.

After eating food in shade, he got a little cold.


We had a great time with Joanna’s family. They are all so kind.



Little Miss takes after her great-grandfather Gordon. He loved to collect walking sticks and carve them. He passed away about a month ago and we still miss him. But loved seeing Little Miss find walking sticks.



Another great group shot.

IMG_9621 IMG_9622 IMG_9615 IMG_9617

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